You will know that service is starting because you will see the Pastor preparing to begin our worship time. After an introductory prayer, the music begins. The worship singers and musicians start by singing to God, beginning with some upbeat contemporary songs. As the faster praise songs end, they are followed by a time of slow, peaceful worship. You can raise your hands, lift your voice, and just lose yourself in the presence of God. The Holy Spirit flows throughout the sanctuary as the worship team ministers with tenderness and emotion.

After Worship, God's Word Is Spoken

As the slow worship music fades, the children are dismissed to their classes and the Pastor begins to preach the word or present a guest speaker. The preaching in our church is uplifting, encouraging, and challenging. We don't teach religious dogma or tired contemporary fads. We preach the unchanging Word of God in a way that you can understand, apply, and build upon. You will nod, smile, laugh, and just enjoy yourself as our pastors deliver what they have learned through their studies and moments with the Holy Spirit.

Moments for Ministry

After the preaching, there is usually a time for prayer or actions relating to the message that has just been delivered. You can feel free to get up and walk over to the speaker for personal one-on-one ministry. You may also want to request prayer for someone you know. This time is dedicated to you and your needs.

A Time for Giving

After our ministry time, we collect our tithes and offerings. We believe that giving is an important part of our faith. It helps to keep the church running and our senior pastor available for our members. As a visitor, you are not required to give, but you may wish to contribute an offering as God leads you. We thank you for your generosity. If you are still a member of another church, you may wish to give your tithes to your own church, but you welcomed to present an offering if you feel that you would like to do so.

A Final Prayer

After tithes and offerings are collected, we dismiss the congregation, sometimes with a song. Other times, a simple prayer will do. Upon dismissal, you will be approached by our church members, other visitors, and some of our leadership. You will most likely be invited to future services and mid-week meetings. Take time to meet our leadership team and learn more about the families that make up our church membership.

We are confident that you will just love our church. So, what do you think - would you join us this week? If so, click here for directions and a schedule of services and meetings.